Acquisition Resource Center Vendor Registration and ARCnet Portal
  • How does one become an "authorized user" of ARCnet with PKI?

    You must be listed as a point of contact on your company's profile within the ARC Business Registry, have a valid Defense (DoD) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate from an authorized ECA vendor, and obtain a login ID and Password from the website.

  • Is it necessary to have PKI for ARCnet if I already have access to the NSAnet?

    No. Access to NSAnet will be sufficient for obtaining all procurement documentation and the additional capabilities as part of ARCnet will be available on the Non-PKI ARCnet Portal.

  • Do you have to be cleared to get Access?

    A clearance is not required to use the ARCnet Portal, it is for the purpose of providing access to Unclassified For Official Use Only procurement documentation.

  • Do I need any prior approvals to request a PKI Certificate?

    You do not need to contact any government personnel or have any prior approvals to request a PKI Certificate.

  • If I have a PKI certificate with another organization will it work with NSA ARC website?

    The certificate must be a currently valid DoD PKI certificate issued by an authorized ECA vendor. Visit this link for more detailed information on ECA Certificates.

    • Operational Research Consultants
      1. Contact Info:
        11250 Waples Mill Road
        South Tower Ste 210
        Fairfax, VA 22030
        Toll Free: 1-800-816-5548
    • IdenTrust
      1. Contact info:
        255 North Admiral Byrd Road
        Suite 200
        Salt Lake City, UT 84116
        Phone: 1-888-882-1104

  • What PKI certificate is needed?

    Medium Assurance or its equivalent.

  • Will issued DoD CAC Cards work with the PKI Certificate?

    No the ARCnet Portal will only be accepting a DoD issued PKI Certificate.